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Kids Craft: How to Make a Turkey

by Kayla Foster February 03, 2016

Kids Craft: How to Make a Turkey

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and after looking at many cute turkey themed crafts on Pinterest), we decided to make a turkey paper plate, or rather ask our favorite office 4-year-old to make us one. 
Our inspiration comes from I HEART CRAFTY THINGS Paper Plate Turkey Craft pictured below.
How to make a Turkey
What you'll need for this craft:
    Large paper plates
    Small paper plates
    Construction paper
    Googly eyes
    make a turkey with your child
    how to make a Thanksgiving turkey with your child
    How you'll make it:
    First, we painted the one of the large and one of the small paper plates brown to make the turkey's body.
     Make a turkey step one     Make a turkey step two
    Next, we put on the googly eyes and cut a beak out of orange construction paper (we were having too much fun and missed out on a few photos).
    Then, we stapled on the "turkey feathers," which we made out of strips of colored construction paper.
    Make a turkey step three
    Finally, we added little feet and a wattle to complete our turkey.
    a four year old makes a turkey
    Our finished product!
    Our artist gave this craft a thumbs up and even made a second turkey! We present "Monster Turkey" pictured below on the right.
    making two turkeys

    Kayla Foster
    Kayla Foster