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How To Make A Difference: One Mother's Appeal To Her State Governor

by Sarah K Major February 04, 2016

How To Make A Difference: One Mother's Appeal To Her State Governor

5 February 2015

Governor Scott Walker

Room 115 East State Capitol

Madison, WI 53701

Dear Governor Walker:

I am writing today as a mother and concerned citizen. I homeschool my son who is in the 8th grade. On a daily basis I am searching for creative and innovative approaches to teaching in order for my son to receive the necessary education he needs and deserves to become a successful, responsible adult. 

While searching the web today, I had the good fortune of finding I was very impressed with the content and elated to see all the materials available for visual learners. I called the 800 number and spoke with an informed, compassionate person by the name of Sarah. I was unaware during our phone conversation that Sarah was the CEO of Child1st Publications, LLC. She actually seemed to care and was willing to listen to my concerns about the need for visual teaching materials and the negative experiences my son had in the public school system. It was extremely refreshing to speak with an educator who understood my concerns and was empathetic. Sarah gave me direction and hope.

Governor Walker, I am a visual learner and so is my son and so are about one-half of the students in our country. This population of our children are not being taught in a manner in which they can learn and be successful; hence, our family decision to homeschool.

Many of the visual learners in our society are being made to feel inadequate and inferior. And, unfortunately, Common Core Curriculum is not helping nor is it building self-esteem in the vast majority of our precious children. Actually, it is causing unnecessary stress and anxiety in our public schools. It would be interesting to see the statistics regarding the “Special Education” enrollment since the introduction and implementation of Common Core Curriculum. Teachers simply do not have the flexibility to prepare/present teaching materials that reach this segment of students so they can learn and excel in school.

Enclosed is an article from Sarah’s blogThe Attack on our Educational System. I think every politician in America should read her article as I feel she is truthful and spot-on with her comments. I highly encourage you to visit and other sites that are committed to creating and providing educational materials that will benefit our youth.

I applaud you for your commitment to improving education in the State of Wisconsin. I sincerely hope you continue to see the importance in school choice and the need to amend and enhance our public school system. The “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t working and is so antiquated. Please continue to work for the betterment of our children, schools, and, ultimately, our society.


Debra K. Gorsuch

Pardeeville, WI

Sarah K Major
Sarah K Major


Sarah's absolute belief in every child’s ability to learn, and her passion to empower the child by supporting his/her own unique giftedness have fueled her life’s work and provided a new pathway for children to succeed academically.