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607 SnapWords® Teaching Cards

by Sarah K Major November 08, 2017

607 SnapWords® Teaching Cards

Wondering about our best selling 607 SnapWords® Kit? Get all the information you need below!


607 SnapWords® Kit

What’s in the Box?

Thank you for your interest in the SnapWords 607 kit. The kit contains 643 sight words cards, the book The Complete Sight Words in Sentences for reading sight words in context and SnapWords® Mini-Lessons a resource for lessons activities and games.


607 SnapWords® Kit

Why SnapWords®?

We would first like to talk about the SnapWords® Cards. When Sarah was teaching students with traditional sight words cards she found that students were having a difficult time memorizing the words and meanings. That is when she created SnapWords®. SnapWords® are sight word cards that contain a stylized Image, a motion and a sentence.


607 SnapWords® Kit


The 607 SnapWords® Kit is the perfect kit. This kit gives you so much more than sight words. Having access to so many words including nouns and verbs will help your students to form rich sentences and take their reading skills to a higher level. Also included are Academic words such as o’clock, number, insect, island, planet, ocean, etc.)

 All of the SnapWords are unique because images are combined with the picture. Let’s look at a couple of cards for examples.

The word Jump has an image of a person jumping, the word moves up with the person to draw that connection between the word and the image.

On the back of each card there is the word in plain text form as well as the motion and Language. For the word Jump the we ask the student to do the Motion: jump in place and say the sentence “JUMP. I can JUMP High”


607 SnapWords® Kit

Here is another example the word Time. In our image of the word time the sun is rising on the left and the transition to night with the moon on the right the

Motion: hold up one arm and mark the passing of time from left to right, and the sentence: “TIME. A lot of TIME passed between morning and night.” Are key to helping your visual children snap the word into their memory.


607 SnapWords® Kit

Who are they for?

SnapWords® are excellent for visual and kinesthetic/tactile learners, as well as beginners and bright children who struggle.

As you can see, the image on the card grabs the attention of student and the body motion and sentence locks the word and its meaning into their memory.


607 SnapWords® Kit

607 SnapWords® Kits have 11 lists of words: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Nouns 1 & 2, Verbs and Numbers Colors Days Months and Seasons.


607 SnapWords® Kit

But that’s not all

The kit contains two great books. The first book is SnapWords® Mini-Lessons. This book has a short lesson for each of the words in list A through E. The lesson includes:

  • Introducing the word
  • Phonics, sound spellings, word families, etc
  • Other words using the same spelling pattern
  • Writing the word
  • Comprehension

For example, in the lesson for the word down, it talks about the OW sound and how most letters are not strong enough to come after the OW in a word, but the N is very Strong. The lesson goes on with examples of other words that end in OWN and more sentences to write containing the word Down.


607 SnapWords® Kit

The fun factor:

Now we all now asking a child to sit at a desk and learn new words is not easy. So Sarah has included 26 different activities to do with the cards to help keep those Kinesthetic focused.


607 SnapWords® Kit

Reading words in context:

As you work though the kit, your students will learn all of the words in a list. When a list is completed you will take out the book The Complete Sight Words in Sentences. This book is used for reading in context the book is color coded to match the list.

List A is green;6 Sarah has created 40 sentences in the green section that your student will be able to read after they complete List A.


607 SnapWords® Kit

Moving along…

When the student is reading through the sentence you will be checking them to see if there are any words that they will need revisit. If your child knows all the words, it is time to move on to list B!


607 SnapWords® Kit

The nitty gritty about the words

The words contained in the 607 kit are all 220 Dolch words, 300 Fry words, 500 high frequency words from Fountas & Pinnel and some extra. The words are at a grade level of Pre-K through 3 grade.

Let’s make sight words fun. Pick up your 607 SnapWords® kit today!

Sarah K Major
Sarah K Major


Sarah's absolute belief in every child’s ability to learn, and her passion to empower the child by supporting his/her own unique giftedness have fueled her life’s work and provided a new pathway for children to succeed academically.

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