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Beyond Sight Words Activities

by Sarah K Major November 08, 2017

Beyond Sight Words Activities

We are excited to share Beyond Sight Words Activities with you today!

This amazing product sprang into being fueled by Sarah’s concern that children not simply learn to read sight words, but that they truly learn to READ.


Beyond Sight Words Activities

Reading involves recognizing words, yes, but also means knowing how to figure out unknown words, understanding fully the meaning of the words in context and what the passage is communicating.

Rather than teach sight words in isolation, Sarah chose to create over 1270 pages of activities that begin with learning SnapWords®, but then use those SnapWords® as a springboard to study all the other elements of reading!

Activities target the essential components of effective reading instruction

Beyond Sight Words Activities

Vocabulary and word recognition – we use SnapWords® for this reading skill. We have over 640 words in our 607 Kits that are embedded in images, have body motions and sentences for comprehension.


Beyond Sight Words Activities

    Comprehension – in addition to comprehension gained from using SnapWords, BSWA contains additional comprehension activities at every level


    Beyond Sight Words Activities

      Spelling – children learn to use their visual memory to recall the spelling of words rather than relying on memorization of spellings.


      Beyond Sight Words Activities

        Writing – every level has illustrated writing prompts that utilize the SnapWords the students have just learned


        Beyond Sight Words Activities

          Phonics – as children learn sight words, they learn the phonics principles that apply to each word. Additional words are taught that follow the same sound spelling as the target SnapWords®


          Beyond Sight Words Activities

            Phonemic awareness – Each level has activities that focus on the sounds in words and how to manipulate them.


            Beyond Sight Words Activities

              Alphabetic principle – Included are activities where children practice putting words in ABC order


              Beyond Sight Words Activities

                Reading Fluency – each level contains a reading passage that is sight word heavy so children can practice reading fluency with passages on their level

                  The benefits to the child are obvious!

                  BSWA and SnapWords will take a child from non-reading to reading proficiently to the third grade level.

                  There are many benefits for the teacher including:

                  Beyond Sight Words Activities

                  1. Over 1270 activities ready to print from the CD
                  2. Teaching notes are included for every SnapWord so the teacher doesn’t have to prepare a lesson. Each lesson focuses on one word and then brings in several other words that share a sound spelling or are in the word family. 
                  3. The teacher can easily offer differentiated instruction because of the 25 levels of difficulty included
                  4. Assessments are included and reading passages to use for both pre and post testing
                  5. Tracking Charts are included to keep track of just where each student is
                  6. Achievement Certificates are included for each List of SnapWords®, A-E
                  7. Plain, printable word wall words are included to match each set of SnapWords® you teach

                  The following Activities are included on each of the CDs:

                  • ABC ordering,
                  • reading assessment
                  • vocabulary bingo
                  • fill-in-the-blank
                  • go fish
                  • making sentences
                  • sentence unscramble
                  • sound manipulation
                  • word sort
                  • word wall games
                  • write about it sections, and more!


                  This product is for those who already have SnapWords® Lists A-E.
                  Total Printable Pages 1279
                  Answer Keys Included
                  Teaching Duration – a year or more, depending on the child

                  Start enjoying BSWA today! You will save so much time searching for effective and engaging activities - and your students will benefit tremendously!

                  Sarah K Major
                  Sarah K Major


                  Sarah's absolute belief in every child’s ability to learn, and her passion to empower the child by supporting his/her own unique giftedness have fueled her life’s work and provided a new pathway for children to succeed academically.

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