Rock Reading This Fall with 3 New Right-Brained Resources

July 15, 2016 0 Comments

Rock Reading This Fall with 3 New Right-Brained Resources

We’ve been so busy this year designing and refining some super effective reading tools for you to use as the new school year begins. This blog post will walk you through the 3 new reading resources and link you to more information and where you can purchase them!


3 Effective Right-Brained Reading Resources Include:

1. SNAPWORDS® CENTER KITS - FOR SIGHT WORD LEARNING AND PRACTICE leading to fluency and comprehension

SnapWords® Center Kits contain all the resources you need to set up an independent sight word center that students will happily use! Introduce SnapWords® to your whole class using either the 306 SnapWords® Teaching Cards or 607 SnapWords® Teaching Cards following the directions in your SnapWords® Mini-Lessons book. Then teach your children how to use the wonderful resources in SnapWords® Center Kit so they can practice and review the word level they are on. Children may go as fast or as slow as needed! It is student-directed differentiation at its finest! For information on how to unpack the Kit and set it up, go to our main page

2. SOUND SPELLING TEACHING CARDS - FOR LEARNING SOUND SPELLINGS: for understanding words and their spelling patterns

Sound Spelling Teaching Cards are color teaching cards that teach all the spellings found in words in a way that bypasses memorization of spellings or memorizing phonics rules. Teach the ways to spell each sound together (for example the 8 ways you can spell the sound of long A) and then reach for The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns and print off corresponding lessons. The beauty of this brand new right-brained reading resource is that as you work your way through the set of cards, you will have the assurance that you are not leaving out any sound spellings! Go to our main page for how to’s and for more information. 



Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers are 4 leveled sets of readers that will take your students from zero to reading without any gaps in what they are taught or in what they understand. All reading skills are explicitly taught if you follow the teaching notes in the front of each reader. Comprehension questions for each reader help the child focus away from word calling and towards understanding what the story is saying.

There are many other children’s readers out there, but as you follow their sequence of titles, often time you find the story contains words for which there has been no preparation. Not so with Easy-for-Me™. Your students will be confident that when they pick up a story book, they will have all the tools needed to successfully read the book! Please go to our Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers page and learn more!