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Sight Words Apps for Struggling Readers

What struggling readers desperately need are

  • a renewed sense of control over their learning
  • confidence in their ability to learn
  • the proof that they truly CAN learn without drill and memorization
  • most of all, tools that make sure all these things come true for them.

For children who have struggled to learn to read, SnapWords® Apps do all these things. SnapWords® Apps will walk children through learning sight words independently, will provide games to play for practice and review, will reward their progress with coins and stickers,  and finally, when they're ready, they can take the quiz on their own. The App will praise their progress while unlocking the next level. Once your children have mastered all the words available on the SnapWords® Apps, they will be able to read most books. Read more on each product page and then find the Apps in the iTunes store.