Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Manual


Use Easy-for-Me™ Reading to successfully teach reading to any learner. The program draws from specific approaches used by picture thinkers, right-brained learners, kinesthetic and visual learners, and other nontraditional learners. It’s a cinch for the child and a snap for the teacher: teach once and capture the minds of all your children.

Use the multisensory products for remediation (this has been used successfully with children as old as 11 who were severely dyslexic and not reading at all), or best of all, to prevent learning difficulties in beginners.


77 self-paced lessons blend systematic phonics instruction and sight word acquisition with right brained strategies such as visuals, movement, story, humor, and hands-on activities. Lessons are laid out in detail so you know exactly what to do without being a specialist in education. All resources and assessments are provided for you to either photocopy or print from your computer.

The Easy-for-Me Manual is most effective when used with Alphabet Tales, Alphabet Teaching Cards, SnapWords® Teaching Cards and Easy-for-Me™ A Books (not included). All these products are found in the Easy-for-Me™ Reading Kits.

Easy-for-Me Teaching Manual


  • Capitalization - proper and common nouns
  • OW, OU /ow/ and OW /oh/
  • S /zz/
  • Final double L
  • "Pinchy E" (final silent E)
  • Pictures to cue reading
  • OU /oo/ as in "you"
  • Quotation marks
  • Exclamation points
  • OO as in "look" and "moon"
  • OR spelling pattern as in "porch"
  • Plurals
  • Digraphs SH, TH, WH, CH
  • Final ERE as in "here"
  • A /ah/ as in "want"
  • Final S as in "likes"
  • ABC order
  • Past tense
  • ING
  • Final CK
  • R controlled ("Bossy R") sound spellings
  • Apostrophe for possession
  • Rhyming
  • Initial Schwa sound as in "above"
  • Compound words
  • AY as in "play"
  • Long O as in "go"
  • Long E as in "he"
  • Syllables


321 pages. CD of resources included. Non-consumable.

Parent Reviews:
"I am a homeschooling mom of four and we absolutely love your learning to read products! I have been using the Easy-for-Me Teaching Manual with my 6yo this school year, and she is so excited to be able to read by herself and finds all the activities to be a lot of fun. My 5yo and 4yo can't wait to start using the program as well!"

"All three of my children are having huge problems making sense of symbols, be they letters or numbers. Having to manipulate these symbols to add or subtract or blend to actually make words is extremely difficult. The information at the beginning of the teachers manual seemed to really have grasped these discrepancies that dyslexic children have. I have not found anything else that puts it in such great terms."  

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