Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set A, 7-pack


Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set A teach all basic letter sounds and 83 sight words (SnapWords® List A and SnapWords® Numbers,Colors, Days, Months & Seasons) in 22 leveled, full-color stories. These children’s readers begin at zero and provide a solid foundation that will get children reading confidently! Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers come in a 7-pack, making it easy for a teacher to lead a small group reading lesson.

Please download the Scope and Sequence to see exactly the skills that each Reader teaches. Skills include sight word recognition, sounds, comprehension, and fluency.

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Section 1

Students will learn only 8 sounds and 4 sight words and then will be able to read the first two stories! Next they will learn 5 sight words and read 2 more books. By the time the child gets to book 7, he or she will have learned 8 sounds and 23 sight words.

Section 2

Children will learn 11 more sounds and 31 new sight words. They will read 8 more stories.

Section 3

The child will learn the balance of basic sounds and the rest of the sight words, and will be able to read 7 more books!


Teaching tips are provided with each story to prepare children for success before they read each title. These tips detail any new sight words used in the book as well as phonics concepts children will need to know.


After reading each story, use the provided comprehension questions to help the child focus on the content of what they are reading.


Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers are designed to be read in sequence, as the skills used in each build on each other and gradually increase in difficulty. These sets of Children’s Readers teach all needed skills explicitly so that there are no gaps in what the children know.

These decodable/sight word  readers are perfect for providing reading practice after children learn sounds using Alphabet cards and sight word vocabulary using SnapWords® cards.

This edition includes 7 sets of 22 A leveled books. Each book has 12 pages and is 5.5" x 5.5" in size. All illustrations are full color.


A Cat

Sap on a Cap

Tot in a Cot

Fat Cat

Pat and Matt

A Mat on a Tot

My Cat

Dot the Tot

Jig the Pig

My Dog, Jip

I Can Hop

Do Stop

Little Dab

Bob Hums

Jip Digs

Wag the Nag

The Vet

Mel's Bell

Ben and Jen

Bill's Mill

Ned and Ted

Meg and Peg

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