Easy-for-Me™ Complete Teaching Kit

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The Easy-for-Me™ Complete Teaching Kit contains all the multisensory materials you need to successfully teach reading to many types of learners in a mix of whole group/small group settings, while ensuring that no child is left out. The program is especially effective in closing gaps in understanding for children who have missed out on some basic skills and are not progressing as they should be. The materials are also perfect for beginners, and if used as outlined, prevent learning difficulties for many children who would otherwise struggle in learning to read. This approach has proved to be effective in teaching children to read who were unable to learn any other way.

Grade Levels K-1


  • Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Manual
  • Resources Download
  • Alphabet Tales
  • Alphabet Teaching Cards
  • Display Alphabet
  • SnapWords® List A Teaching Cards
  • SnapWords® Numbers, Colors, Days, Months & Seasons Teaching Cards
  • SnapWords® List A Pocket Chart Cards
  • Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Posters
  • Teaching Posters Blackline Masters
  • Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers A, 7-pack
  • How to Teach SnapWords® 

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