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Whether you are homeschooling or supporting your school-aged child at home, you will find reading and math resources here that are designed to close the gaps in learning. All our resources are designed to appeal to beginners and non-traditional learners.

For the busy home school parent who needs to combine as much content into each lesson, who wants to teach as much at a time as possible:

  • SOUNDS & LETTERS: Alphabet Tales
  • READING K-1: Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1
  • READING 2: Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 2
  • SIGHT WORDS: One of our SnapWords® Kits
  • PHONICS/SPELLING: The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns, levels K-adult
  • MATH: 
    • Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction
    • Right-Brained Place Value
    • Right-Brained Multiplication & Division
    • Right-Brained Fractions