The Preschool Kit

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The Preschool Kit was designed to offer young children a developmentally appropriate introduction to numbers, letters, words, and listening. We believe that a preschooler’s exposure to academics should be limited, but we also believe that there are ways to provide a solid background to academics via stories, colorful images, and music.

Without trying to overtly teach anything, you can read to your preschooler and sing with her. You can talk about what you see in pictures with him. Images, stories and music are powerful vehicles for learning and remembering, so we use them liberally!

The Preschool Kit contains:

I Can Sing from 1 to 10 is a colorful book that stylizes each number and offers pictorial elements to count. Sing the words using the tune for Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Alphabet Tales uses story and images to teach letter symbols and their sounds. Just read the engaging stories and enjoy the follow up crafts and lay an important foundation for reading.

Eli’s Books are a set of 11 books that are perfect for read-aloud and discussion. Young children will engage with Eli and his various adventures.

SnapWords® Preschool List are 59 introductory words collected just for preschoolers from within various SnapWords® Lists. Note: if you have a 607 SnapWords® Kit, these words are in your kit.

SnapWords® Included:

baby, ball, bed, bike, bird, boat, book, boot, box, boy, bus

car, cat, chair, children, city, coat, crab, dad, desk, dog, ears

eyes, fat, feet, fire, fish, flower, food, friend, giant, girl, grass

hair, hand, hat, head, home, house, mom, plant, rain, river, rock

sand, shirt, shoe, snake, snow, spider, stick, storm, sun, tree

water, wind, woman, world, worm.

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