We can help visual, kinesthetic/tactile learners become fluent readers

Do you teach children who are struggling with reading? Do they have trouble sounding out words, or do they sound everything out? Maybe your child has been identified with a learning disability. Easy-For-Me™ is so effective because the multi-sensory approach to learning engages your child on all levels, and utilizes their own learning style strengths and talents. Simple lessons are laid out in detail for the instructor. Just follow the steps, use the resources supplied, and watch your child soar!

Scroll down to read the FAQs about struggling readers and strategies that help. 

Easy-For-Me™ Reading is for:              

✔ Beginners - for Kindergarten at school or at home

✔ Children who are in special education or need one-on-one instruction 

✔ Older children who have not been able to learn to read another way