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306 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards
Sight Words in Sentences
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306 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards

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Does your child need to learn sight words? SnapWords® will help! SnapWords® are sight words embedded in images. Your child’s brain snaps a picture of it - immediately connecting the image to the meaning of the word. On the reverse side of each card, corresponding movements provide kinesthetic learners with a way of learning that matches their learning strengths. A sentence that uses the word boosts reading comprehension.

About this product

SnapWords are available in two formats:

  • Physical refers to a hard copy we mail to you. 
  • Interactive Slideshows are digital slideshows with audio that you can bookmark in your browser and return to as often as you would like. They may not be printed.

The 306 Kit pairs SnapWords® with activities and games to make sight word recognition fun to learn and simple to teach. This Kit contains all the essential high-frequency words that will propel your child into reading.

SnapWords® are designed for:

  • Kinesthetic and tactile learners
  • Visual learners
  • Struggling readers
  • Beginners or young children

Our durable cards infuse fun into learning how to read and fit perfectly into a child’s hands (4.25” x 2.75”).

The 306 SnapWords® Kit includes:

More Detail:

The 306 Kit is an effective learn-to-read strategy for children with unique learning abilities such as ADHD, Down syndrome, dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s, auditory processing, and others. Do you teach English language learners? Our customers have found success using SnapWords®.

SnapWords® are organized by skill level, not grade level - and are designed for preschool through third grade. The Essentials Kit is also available in the teaching card size (5.5" x 4.25"): 306 SnapWords® Teaching Cards Kit.

Start today and help your child love learning!

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Customer Reviews:

"I am pleased to say that my son for the first time said the other day that he actually is liking to read. He had struggled with his sight words since beginning to read. He heavily uses his phonetics and can read very large words, but has always had a problem with the sight words. Since getting the sight words and sentence book over Christmas break, we started to use the cards when we started back to school in Jan. He is reading so well and we are on list C already and almost done with it. He is reading much more fluently. Thank you so much, this has truly been a blessing for all of us."

 "I love the sight word flash cards and my 5 year old daughter has learned very quickly. She wasn't with regular flash cards and I was told her attention span was too short. Not the case. Not only is my daughter learning but with your flash cards she went from not being able to recognize words such as "is" and "an" but in just 3 weeks she is now recognizing all of the level A words and is working on the level B words. She is also spelling without looking at her flash cards 30 of those words!" 

"Your snapwords cards have CHANGED my daughter's life. She could not read anything before we started with them, now she can recognize and spell most of set A on her own and is working through set B now. Thank you!!!!"    

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