Sight Words Pocket Chart Cards

Teach Sight Words Through Pictures & Movement

When children instantly recognize sight words, they avoid common struggles with learning to read. Teach sight words using right-brained hooks such as picture, body movement, and context and your students will excel. Learning sight words is hard work for many children if all they have is a list of words to memorize! SnapWords® work because words (left-brain content) are embedded in pictures (right-brain cues) that show what the words mean, which results in improved reading comprehension. Each word also has a related body movement, essential for kinesthetic learners. Each pocket chart sized card contains the SnapWords® picture on the front, and the plain word, a related body movement, and a sentence on the back.

Pocket Chart Cards are 4.25” x 2.75” and are the perfect supporting resource to our SnapWords® Teaching Cards.

Use Pocket Chart Cards for partner practice, sentence-building, sentence unscramble, and many other fun, tactile sight word learning games and activities.