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SnapWords® Independent Sight Word Centers

If you are looking for super effective sight word resources your students can use to practice and review their sight words, you have come to the right place. The independent sight word center in YOUR classroom can be abundantly stocked with these kid-friendly, right-brained sight word resources. The best thing is that the Sight Word Centers are designed to run themselves so you can focus on teaching your own group. Please read the very detailed instructions on individual Kit pages.


• Student-led review and practice encourages ownership of own learning
• Collaborative learning with a partner for support and accountability
• Easily monitored from across the room - reader uses Element when his turn
• Engaging materials will keep students on task - hands-on, colorful, easy to learn
• Differentiated instruction – children work at their own pace on their own level
• Students informally assess each other and report progress to teacher

If you have 607 SnapWords® Teaching Cards, you will want the SnapWords® 607 Center Kit.

If you have the 306 SnapWords® Teaching Cards, you will want the SnapWords® 306 Center Kit.