Early Grades

Children in early elementary grades who struggle are missing some basic skills that can be remedied using the right approach and the right tools. The BIG 3 tools are Visuals, Story, and Body Motions. All the recommended resources utilize these tools.

The basic skills that are needed are:

  1. Basic sounds - most especially their vowel sounds.
  2. Knowledge of high frequency/sight words is critically important. 
  3. Language patterns/sound spelling patterns will help them figure out unknown words.
  4. Addition & Subtraction math facts known instantly and fluently.


Alphabet Teaching Cards

Alphabet Teaching CardsThe quickest and most effective way to gain knowledge of sounds and their letters if by using a resource that shows the letter made into an object that looks like the letter shape and has the sounds of the letter as well.

For 1st graders, reading Alphabet Tales would work very well. For 2nd and 3rd graders, likely the Alphabet Teaching Cards would be more appropriate.

Images are instantly snapped in children's memories, tieing letter and sound together, and thus avoiding future problems connecting the two. Mini-lessons are printed on the back of each card, making it a cinch for the teacher to present new letters and sounds, teach tips for letter formation, know in which order to teach the writing of the letters, and much more. No lesson planning needed!


Sight Words

607 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards

SnapWords® sight words with pictures and movement

The reason sight words are so important is that they make up most of the text children will read in the early grades. When children are learning to read, they have to spend so much time sounding out words and when that is mostly what they do, reading can be super tedious for them. Use SnapWords® to Jump Start your child into fluency and comprehension.

607 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards actually provides you with 643 high-frequency words embedded in colorful images. You don't need to look any further for powerful resources to help your students learn sight words quickly and effectively.

Includes SnapWords® Lists A-G, Numbers, Colors, Days, Months & Seasons, Nouns 1 & 2, Verbs, SnapWords® Mini-Lessons, and The Complete Sight Words in Sentences (for practice reading sight words in context)



Reading Activities

Beyond Sight Words Activities A
This resource will provide you with over 200 pages of printable reading activities that will cover basic reading skills thoroughly. Your child will think he/she is playing, but reading skills will soar.

Beyond Sight Words Activities A teaches 368 words including the SnapWords® picture sight words found in SnapWords® List A. All additional words are related by word family or sound spelling.

Activities target: word recognition, comprehension, spelling, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness, and alphabetic principle.




Spelling & Phonics

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns

Children who struggle with reading, spelling, and sounds out longer words will benefit from this resource. The visuals and patterns in the book make memorizing words, phonics rules, and decoding easy.

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns will take the mystery out of words! This book is entertaining, full of cartoons that help drive the lesson home and is funny. The book is leveled as to difficulty starting at zero and moves clear through to the most advanced sound spellings in our language. This approach has worked to bring children up to grade level in reading very quickly.



Easy-for-Me Teaching Kit, Grades K-1

Beginning readers and children who have missed out on some basic skills and are not progressing as they should be, need this kit. This approach has been very effective for children who have not been able to learn to read using traditional methods.

The Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit, Grades K-1 contains everything you need to teach 1-6 children to read. The multi-sensory materials empower you to reach a diverse group of learning styles at one time while ensuring that no child is left out. 

Includes the Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Manual, a CD of resources to print, Alphabet Tales, Alphabet Teaching Cards, SnapWords® Lists A & Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, & Seasons, Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set A (22 books), and How to Teach SnapWords®.



Addition & Subtraction to 10

Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Book and Games

Right-Brained Addition & SubtractionIf your child is lost when it comes to adding and subtracting, reach for this book. This book starts at the very beginning. It is ideal for those learning number recognition, counting, writing numbers, ordering numbers, number sense, and addition & subtraction to 10. 

Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction is the first in our two-part series on addition & subtraction that focuses on making math easy for children who typically struggle with remembering math facts. Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction takes a left-brained subject (symbols, abstract concepts, rules to memorize, etc.) and integrates right-brained elements and body motion in order to engage the multiple regions in the brain during the learning process. This means that what used to be tedious and discouraging for your child is now easy and enjoyable. Instead of memorizing number facts, your child will be hearing stories, seeing pictures, arranging numbers in patterns, doing hand motions and the facts will just stick! 


Addition & Subtraction Over 10

Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2

Children who have mastered addition & Subtraction to 10 will benefit from this book. It picks up right where Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction left off.





Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2 is the companion piece to the Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction book. It's a colorful, fun, and effective way of teaching multi-digit addition & subtraction - or computation involving numbers over 10! This book and complimentary math flash cards pick up right where Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction left off. Very young students will easily master the concept of place value because instruction targets multiple regions in the brain at one time. Color, story, action, and patterning - all these elements are designed to fully engage your student. Best of all, for children who have a hard time memorizing and remembering math facts, this set will be a lifesaver!