Your child can learn. Now there’s a way to teach them.

Children don’t all learn in the same way, so a multisensory approach is the best option. For children to excel, it is essential to match learning resources to the way they learn most naturally. When this match occurs, learning is easy, and yields success and confidence. 

Our resources are multisensory - perfect for all learners. They are especially helpful for beginners, for visual-spatial or kinesthetic learners, and for children identified with learning differences. What all these learners share is that they learn most easily when images and body movements are fully integrated into their lessons. Ultimately, our resources work for all children.


Our Story

Sarah Major launched Child1st in February 2006 and began to share her breakthrough experiences working with her students with parents and teachers. Her absolute belief in every child’s ability to learn, and her passion to empower children by supporting their own unique giftedness have fueled her life’s work and provided a new pathway for children to succeed academically. Child1st began in a tiny home office and has grown through word of mouth to every US state and over 100 countries around the globe. Sarah is a mother, grandmother, teacher and author who lives in Michigan. Read More