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The gifts of visual learners and how they learn best

Visual learning doesn’t mean “learning by looking” (such as at words on a page), it rather means learning by image, by finding similarities, by discovering patterns that make sense of seemingly random details. Visual learners are creatives who think in pictures and are best able to learn by seeing where details fit into the whole.

  • They have mental cameras that snap an unforgettable picture of the concept if it is designed favorably for them. For example, if a difficult word is embedded in an image, they "snap" a mental picture of the word, image and all, rather than trying to sound it out.
  • They are amazing detectives, searching for and finding similarities between elements, group those together naturally, and learn them by snapping a picture of the pattern.
  • They are global thinkers. This means they see the whole picture with all of its elements, and once they are shown the goal, they are excellent at creating efficient and effective steps for reaching that goal.
  • They are intuitive. They extract meaning, they read between the lines, they understand shades of meaning. They are very good at reading people and their emotions and caring for them.
  • Visual learners are wonderful inventors and problem-solvers. This is true because once they see a need or a gap, they naturally go to work to find a solution. As they see the whole picture and understand the desired goal, they automatically invent steps to accomplish that goal.