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301 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards
301 SnapWords Pocket Chart Cards
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301 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards

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The SnapWords® Extension Collection

If your child gained valuable skills with our 306 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Kit, continue their reading success with the 301 SnapWords® Extension Kit. The Extension Kit combines learning resources with the SnapWords® you have come to love. It contains the second half of the SnapWords® collection.

The five new SnapWords® lists include high-frequency nouns, verbs to craft sentences, and words from science and social studies. The sight words and activities in this kit will speed your visual or kinesthetic learner on their path to frustration-free reading.

This Kit Includes:

Your child will take their sight word recognition to the next level:

  • Learn words across the curriculum making it easier to read other subjects
  • Gain reading comprehension through sentence building
  • Understand the parts of speech – and how to build sentences

Our durable cards bring fun to learning how to read and fit perfectly into a child’s hands (4.25” x 2.75”).

Additional Information:

This Kit is great for all types of learners:

  • Small concrete words such as baby, bike, boat, coat, dog, shoe and run are great for introducing SnapWords® to beginners
  • Visuals, movements, and stories target struggling readers
  • Strong readers looking to sharpen their reading skills
  • The abundance of nouns makes this perfect for children learning the English language
  • Children with unique learning abilities such as ADHD, Down syndrome, dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s, auditory processing disorder, and more

When bundled with the 306 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards Essentials Kit, you’ll have 643 high-impact sight word cards - the entire collection of SnapWords®. If you’re new to SnapWords®, check out the 607 SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards Kit (also in Teaching Card size) – our complete set of SnapWords®. See our blog about the 301 Kit.

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How SnapWords Help:

While both the 306 and 301 SnapWords® Kits are designed to help your students recognize essential sight words instantly, the additional focus of the 301 SnapWords® Kit is on adding other essential reading skills such as comprehension.


While learning to recognize individual sight words is important, our goal for our children is for them to read whole passages fluently and with comprehension. Adding the 301 SnapWords® Kit will help accomplish this as it contains rich nouns and verbs that your child can use to create meaningful sentences. It will change their experience from being able to read lists of words to being able to easily read whole passages.

Here are some important uses for the 301 Kit:

  • Introduce words to very young children – as young as 18 months. (For example: ball, bird, box, book cat, car, boy, etc.) These are objects they are familiar with, so learning to recognize the word will be easy.
  • Teach your students words that are used across the curriculum (example: o’clock, number, insect, world, planet, ocean, world, etc.) This will make reading for other subjects much easier.
  • Add context and meaning to abstract sight words. Go from learning I, to, on, in, the, play, have, etc. to making sentences such as “That house is on an island out in the ” Or “I’m finally free to go play and have fun!” All the words in those sentences are SnapWords®.


  • Because you can create sentences with the words in the 301 Kit, you can focus your attention on making sure reading comprehension is where it should be. Use a pocket chart to display your sentences.
  • The hands-on aspect of creating sentences with cards will engage active learners, will capture their attention, and will make their learning student-driven.


SnapWords® sight words with pictures and movement

  • As you create sentences with the newly-learned 301 words, you can focus on teaching parts of speech and sentence construction. Identify and group words that are nouns or verbs or adjectives and teach children how to create sentences properly using those words. This practice will not only propel them into reading, but will help tremendously in creating skilled writers.


SnapWords® sight words with pictures and movement

Pick up your 301 SnapWords® kit today and allow your child to form their sentences with deep, longer, and more special words as was not possible before.

Parent reviews:

"My children LOVE learning with these cards! Thank you so much for creating a simple & effective way to learn. I wish these had been around when I was younger." "Your snapwords cards have CHANGED my daughter's life. She could not read anything before we started with them, now she can recognize and spell most of set A on her own and is working through set B now. Thank you!!!!"

"I am pleased to say that my son for the first time said the other day that he actually is liking to read. He had struggled with his sight words since beginning to read. He heavily uses his phonetics and can read very large words, but has always had a problem with the sight words. Since getting the sight words and sentence book over Christmas break, we started to use the cards when we started back to school in Jan. He is reading so well and we are on list C already and almost done with it. He is reading much more fluently. Thank you so much, this has truly been a blessing for all of us."

 "I love the flash cards and my 5 year old daughter has learned very quickly. She wasn't with regular flash cards and I was told her attention span was too short. Not the case. Not only is my daughter learning but with your flash cards she went from not being able to recognize words such as "is" and "an" but in just 3 weeks she is now recognizing all of the level A words and is working on the level B words. She is also spelling without looking at her flash cards 30 of those words!"