306 SnapWords® Interactive Slideshow With Sound

306 SnapWords® Interactive Slideshow
Sample slide from 306 slideshow

306 SnapWords® Interactive Slideshow

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Our 306 Snapwords® Teaching Cards lead the way in delivering a multisensory (including auditory, visual, & kinesthetic pathways to the brain) teaching format that includes words from the Dolch and Fry’s lists.  We know all children do not learn in the same way, so our product was designed to reach all learners in the ways that they learn naturally.  Snapwords® is the first resource of its kind that combines visuals, movement, and storytelling to reach all children, no matter their learning style.

The 306 SnapWords® Kit includes:

How to use

This package contains 30 Interactive Slideshows with audio that are designed for several uses:

    • Distance learning 
    • Homeschool 
    • Classroom 
    • Small group 
    • Independent student learning

  • Teach the picture words first by clicking on the orange arrows in the bottom, right of each screen.
  • Next, check word recognition by clicking through the plain words using the same orange arrows. You will be able to advance from plain word to plain word.
  • Use the index on the front panel to find a particular word to focus on.
  • Use SnapWords® Mini-Lessons (included) to teach spelling, phonics, writing, etc.

Additional Information

There are 342 SnapWords® from Lists A, B, C, D, E, Numbers/ Colors/ Days/ Months/ Seasons. Each List is separated into 5 Levels with related words grouped together. These Levels correspond directly to the Levels in SnapWords® Mini-Lessons (download included in this product) and in Beyond Sight Words Activities A-E. Also included is a download of Sight Words in Sentences which will empower children as they practice reading their sight words in context.