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607 SnapWords® Interactive Slideshow

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This kit contains 55 Interactive Slideshows containing 643 Snapwords® with audio!

Designed for:
  • Distance learning
  • Homeschooling
  • Classroom instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Independent student learning

What you will receive

How to use

  • You may teach the picture words first by clicking on the orange arrows in the bottom, right of each screen. You will be able to advance from picture to picture.
  • Next, check word recognition by clicking through the plain words using the same orange arrows. You will be able to advance from plain word to plain word.
  • Use the index on the front panel to find a particular word to focus on.
  • Use SnapWords® Mini-Lessons (included) to teach spelling, phonics, writing, etc.
  • More Information

    SnapWords® are available in three formats:

    There are 11 Lists of SnapWords®, and each List is comprised of 5 Levels. These Levels correspond directly to the Levels in SnapWords® Mini-Lessons I and II (downloads included in this product) and in Beyond Sight Words Activities A-E. Also included is a download of Complete Sight Words in Sentences which will empower children as they practice reading their sight words in context.