607 SnapWords® Parent Kit


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Have you been worried, looking for ways to help your child with reading? Are they struggling, feeling frustrated, and falling behind? Best-selling SnapWords have launched many thousands of children into reading. Your child will be the next success story! 

SnapWords are for children who:

    1. Don’t remember words
    2. Sound out every word
    3. Labor over reading/read slowly
    4. Don’t remember what they read

See a list of all 643 words. 

 Why do SnapWords® Work?

  SnapWords® harness the power of images, story, and motions to reach your child in a way that makes sense to them. 

  • 90% of words found in kids’ books are SnapWords.
  • Your child will instantly recognize those words as they read.
  • After learning 643 SnapWords they will no longer need pictures for learning new words.
  • Because visual memory is so powerful, SnapWords will unleash your child’s potential to read! 

What's in the Kit?

Customer Testimonials:

"Thank you so much!! I call your SnapWords® nothing less than a miracle. I recommend them to everyone I know!! I cannot even explain the immediate difference in word recognition. Within 1 week my daughter can go from not knowing the word, to reading without pictures.” 


"I found you while searching for resources to help my son of 9 to learn how to read. After years trying the school way, he only knows a few words. And he keeps trying to sound out every word which takes forever and it just messes with his confidence. I printed out the "try before you buy" pages, I showed it to him once and he remembered them instantly, after a few minutes I showed him the normal [plain] cards and he read them instantly, I wanted to see how far I could take it… and asked him to write the words for me, and he spelled most of them right first try, and he was actually feeling pretty good about himself too!! I was in tears and laughing at the same time."

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