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Alphabet Teaching Cards Interactive Slideshow

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The Alphabet Interactive Slideshow is designed to be used to practice sounds and their letter shapes after reading related stories in Alphabet Tales to the child(ren). Alphabet Tales is the actual teaching tool as the stories provide essential context and explain each image. Images and stories work together to promote learning and recall.

About Alphabet Tales

Illustrated images reflect each title image from Alphabet Tales, while the reverse of each slide provides a handy reminder of how to teach children to write each letter, and how to form the letter with their hands. Finally, there is a craft/activity for each letter that will give children time to let their new-found knowledge go into long term memory.

The real power for linking alphabet symbols to their sounds lies in reading Alphabet Tales while children enjoy the pictures. There will be no need for the children to memorize or drill letters and their sounds. The stories and images will do all the heavy lifting.


  1. Read the first story and just enjoy the storyline and the images without overtly teaching anything.
  2. Use the related Alphabet Teaching slide if a quick visual reminder is needed later.
  3. Say the jingle (ex: “Amy’s ants on an anthill, actually.”) Let your child retell the storyline.
  4. Do the hand motion for the letter which is found on the next slide as well as in Alphabet Tales.
  5. Practice writing the letter on a whiteboard or use dry-erase Alphamats.
  6. Finally, provide needed supplies to complete the craft detailed on the back of each card.

Interactive Slideshows are web-based files that open in a browser window. These files cannot be saved to your computer nor printed. Sales are final: products may not be returned nor exchanged.

What you will receive:

You will receive a PDF with a link to your file and your password. The digital file opens in a browser window. You may bookmark the page and have your browser save your password for easy access!

Digital Details:

  • On the homepage INDEX, click on a letter to go to the picture version of the letter. You can click on the audio to hear the letter, sound, and jingle.
  • From a picture page, you can either return home, advance to the next picture letter, or click the down arrow to advance to the plain letter page.
  • Use the picture pages to let the child snap a mental image of the letter while they say the jingle.
  • Use the plain letter pages to review the sound the letter makes. Click on the audio to hear the sounds.
  • The plain letter pages show upper and lowercase letters and contain a graphic hint to help the child recall the sound the letter makes. Also included – the same letters in different fonts to help the child become familiar with reading letters in different fonts.

Correlates with Easy-for-Me Reading Kit 1:

In Easy-for-Me Teaching Manual, letters are not taught in ABC order. The order in the manual accommodates early reading by letting children form words AS they learn their letters. You will see navigation on picture pages that lead to the next letter as outlined in Easy-for-Me Teaching Manual.

Also notice that as children learn their letters and sounds, they can make words. Click on the light blue tab to go to the word. Click on the peach tab to advance to the next letter from the Easy-for-Me sequence.

PLEASE NOTE: ***Our digital teaching files are for one user. Teachers may screen share with their students, but purchaser may not give the file to another user.***