Child1st Alphamats, 6-pack Set

Alphamats, 6-pack - Child1st Publications

Alphamats, 6-pack

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After introducing the ABC's using the Alphabet Teaching Cards or Alphabet Tales, make reviewing and using the letters easy. Enhance your children’s focus by giving them their own Alphamats to keep at their desks or in a writing folder.

The front of the Alphamat contains all the letters in alphabetical order which makes a handy reference for children just learning letters and sounds. The back of the Alphamat is made of dry erase material to provide endless practice in writing the letters. This reverse side shows upper and lowercase letters and provides lined spaces for the children to practice writing using a wipe-off writing tool.

What's included? 

  • 8.5” wide by 11” tall.
  • Printed on heavy cardstock with dry erase backs to allow practice writing the letters.