Easy-For-Me™ Children's Readers Set B Download and Print

Easy-for-Me™ Readers Level B Download
Easy-for-Me™ Readers Level B Download

Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set B Download

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Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set B pick up where A Readers left off, teaching intermediate sound spellings and 59 new sight words (SnapWords® List B) in 22 leveled, black & white stories. Children learned to read using Set A Readers, and now with Set B Readers, their skills deepen and their ability to read more advanced text increases.

Includes 22 full color, 12-page stories for download and print!

Where Do I Start?

  • After reading each story, use the comprehension questions to help the child focus on the content of what they read.
  • Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers are designed to be read in sequence, as the skills used in each build on each other and gradually increase in difficulty.
  • Download the Scope and Sequence to see exactly the skills that each Reader teaches. Skills taught in Easy-for-Me Children's Readers include phonics concepts, fluency, sight word recognition, and comprehension.
  • Teaching tips are provided with every story to prepare children for success before they read each title. These tips detail any new sight words used in the book as well as phonics concepts children will need to know.

Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers