Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set D, 7-pack

Easy-for-Me Children's Readers Set D, 7-pack
Easy-for-Me Children's Readers Set D, 7-pack

Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set D, 7-pack

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Easy-for-Me™ D Readers are decodable books that build on Sets A, B, & C with increasing difficulty in sound spellings. Phonics concepts include sound spellings ph, ough, le, al, el, il, gh, pt, bt, mb, gn, kn, rh, wr, and many more. Each child will be fully prepared to successfully read each book, including decoding and then recognizing new words.

This Set of Readers also teaches over 100 new Snapwords® from List D and List G. This Set of Readers is designed to encourage and support students as they become skillful and confident readers.

The 7-pack makes it easy for a teacher to teach a small reading group by skill level. Included lessons are ready to use without prior preparation.

Please download the Scope and Sequence to see the skills that each Reader teaches.

Also, check out Easy-for-Me® Children's Readers Set A, Set B, and Set C.

About Set D

Closed caption transcript

“Kindergarten was great! Jax learned S says s-s-s—s and M says m-m-m-m, N says n-n-n-n, and stuff like that. This is Jax in 1st grade, learning that while s-s-s-s is spelled S, it can also be spelled C if it is followed by an E, and I, or a Y… at least sometimes.

“And here he is in 2nd grade finding that s-s-s-s can also be spelled SC as in SCENE or ST as in castle. Oh. And here’s Jax discovering that M is spelled m-m-m-m (oh, sweet kindergarten) but it is also spelled these ways: MN as in HYMN and MB as in LAMB.

“And the list of other consonants he thought he knew? Well, 8 more of them can be spelled in kindergarten-UN-friendly ways! How confusing! It helps kids like Jax when we teach basic sounds in kindergarten, but then teach all the ways to spell those 10 pesky consonants, so they won’t freak out or get discouraged.

“Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers help clear up the confusion. Here’s what each set of decodable books do:

“Set A teach all basic letter sounds and 59 essential SnapWords®. They get children reading! Set B build on the skills learned in Set A, adding long vowel spelling patterns (and more) and 59 new SnapWords.® Set C increase the complexity of the sound spellings to include R-controlled, diphthongs, and more. They also teach over 120 new SnapWords®. They teach all the ways to spell the sounds!

There are F spellings (F, FF, PH), G spellings (G, GG, GH), and K spellings (K, CK, CH, C). There are L spellings (L, LL, IL, AL, EL, LE), M spellings (M, MM, MB, MN), and N spellings (N, NN, GN, KN).

“Set D goes back to the simple consonant sounds… (hello again, dear kindergarten!). Easy-for-Me™ D Books take children to interesting places and introduce them to amazing animals. There are 24 fascinating titles with full color illustrations, introduced by mini-lessons, and finished by discussion questions.

“Curtail the consonant confusion! Start today.”

This Set includes 7 sets of 24 full-color, 12-page stories. Books are 5.5" x 5.5".

Biff and the Huffy Buffalo 

Uncle Deckle and the Maple Apples 

Scythes and Scimitars

Scissors in Her Hands