Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set E, 7-pack

Easy-for-Me Children's Readers Set E, 7-pack
Easy-for-Me Children's Readers Set E, 7-pack

Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set E, 7-pack

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Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers are decodable books which were created to help every child become a skillful and confident reader. We accomplish this by carefully designing each reader to purposefully teach all needed skills before the child reads the book. No more guessing or struggling to figure out new, unknown words! Sound spellings taught in this set of books include short vowel spellings ED, IE, AI, UI, AU, OU, OUGH, AUGH, etc. 

This Set of Readers teaches 113 new Snapwords® from SnapWords® List E and SnapWords® Verbs. The set also teaches suffixes and their meanings, and completes the sound spellings from the book The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns!

Please download the Children's Readers E Scope and Sequence and see all the skills that are taught.

About Set E

Closed caption transcript

“Children’s Readers Set E is the fifth set in the Easy-for-Me™ Series! Let’s review what each set of Children’s Readers teach:

“Children’s Readers Set A teach all basic letter sounds and 59 essential sight words. They get children reading!

“Children’s Readers Set B add long vowel spellings (and more) and 59 new sight words. Children’s Readers Set C increase the complexity of the sound spellings to include R-controlled vowels, diphthongs, and more. They also teach over 120 new SnapWords®. Set D goes back to 10 simple consonant sounds (hello again, dear kindergarten!) and teaches all the ways to spell them!

“Set E is special! It teaches 113 SnapWords®, and suffixes (and what they mean) and vowel sounds! ‘Vowel sounds? I learned those in kindergarten!’ But these aren’t typical kindergarten spellings!

“E books teach short E such as EA in HEAD, AI in SAID, and IE in FRIEND. They teach short I such as AI in CERTAIN, and UI in BUILD, and short O such as AL in WALK and AU in BECAUSE. And short O such as OU in COUGH, OUGH in OUGHT, AUGH in CAUGHT and so many more!

“There are advanced spellings for long vowel sounds, for R-controlled vowels, for digraphs and for two special consonants. Learning suffixes and what they mean really matters! Suffix meanings help us read new words and know what they mean!

“Set E books teach suffixes like -SURE, -IZE, -TURE, -IST, -MENT, -EER, -ENT, -NESS and suffixes like -ION, -IAN, -CIA, -OUS, -IOUS, and more!

“Armed with tools like advanced sound spellings, advanced SnapWords®, and suffixes… your child will be able to read almost anything! And that is even before we mention suffixes and their meanings!

“Go ahead…fill their toolchest! Start today.”

This Set includes 7 sets of 24 full-color, 12-page stories. Books are 5.5" x 5.5".

Treasure in the Pasture

Land of the Trembling Earth 

Michigan's Best Bakery 

The Gorgeous Bicycle