I Can Count from 1 to 20 Interactive Slideshow

I Can Count From 1 to 20 Slideshow
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Sample slide of number 1
Another sample slide of number 1
Sample slide of number 5
Another sample slide of number 5

I Can Count from 1 to 20 Interactive Slideshow

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I Can Count from 1 to 20 Teaching Cards are a fun and easy way for very young children to learn to recognize numbers and their names, using engaging rhymes and visuals. The images for each number make each number individual - a personal friend. The jingle for each number adds a unique element to the image resulting in an unforgettable learning experience. These number images are the same ones that appear in Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction.

What you will receive

You will receive a PDF with a link to your file and your password. The digital file opens in a browser window. You may bookmark the page and have your browser save your password for easy access!

How to use DIGITAL numbers 1-20

  • From the home page, use the INDEX to begin navigating this amazing file!
  • In the INDEX, click on the numbers to go to picture images.
  • Click on peach arrows under each number to go to plain numbers and counting activity.
  • When you are on a picture number page, you can advance either to the next picture number OR to the plain version of the number.
  • On counting pages, 1-10, children will count the objects to the left of the number.