I Can Count from 1 to 20 Interactive Slideshow

I Can Count From 1 to 20 Slideshow
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Sample slide of number 1
Another sample slide of number 1
Sample slide of number 5
Another sample slide of number 5

I Can Count from 1 to 20 Interactive Slideshow

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I Can Count from 1 to 20 Teaching Cards are a fun and easy way for very young children to learn to recognize numbers and their names, using engaging rhymes and visuals. The images for each number make each number individual - a personal friend. The jingle for each number adds a unique element to the image resulting in an unforgettable learning experience. These number images are the same ones that appear in Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction.

What you will receive

You 'll receive an email immediately with your files!  Our slideshows come in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint formats for easy access to teach your classroom! 

How to use DIGITAL numbers 1-20

  • From the home page, use the INDEX to begin navigating this amazing file!
  • In the INDEX, click on the numbers to go to picture images.
  • Click on peach arrows under each number to go to plain numbers and counting activity.
  • When you are on a picture number page, you can advance either to the next picture number OR to the plain version of the number.
  • On counting pages, 1-10, children will count the objects to the left of the number.