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Schools closed, your kids are home, and you want to keep them gaining necessary reading skills.

We are here to help with proven reading programs designed by teachers in a kid-friendly/parent-friendly format. You will see them keep up and jump ahead!

We have four choices of Reading Skills Kits to choose from depending on the difficulty level your child needs: Kit A, Kit B, Kit C, and Kit D. Each Kit contains resources that are ready to pick up and use. Because they are colorful and game-based, your children will enjoy the process of not only keeping up, but in being boosted far ahead! Look at the lists of words in each kit (see pictures at top) and choose the kit with the words you know your child needs to learn.

*Kits at this price as long as schools are closed

There are three resources in each Kit:

  1. SnapWords® - sight words in images make learning sight words effortless. Regularly $23.95, now in this kit, $16.95 for the duration of school closings.
  2. Beyond Sight Words Activities – over 230 pages of printable, ready-to-use reading activities that will teach and reinforce all essential reading skills (word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, spelling, critical thinking, and reading fluency). Regularly $15.95, now FREE download for the duration of school closings.
  3. Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers – 22-24 leveled children’s readers that reinforce skills and provide reading practice in real books. Parent notes and comprehension questions are included in every book. Regularly $48.95, now $34.27 for the duration of school closings.

Which Kit do I need?

Reading Skills Kit A is for children who are beginners, are learning to sound out words, are learning the most basic sight words, and are learning their basic sounds. These readers also offer reading practice for the 59 words in SnapWords List A.

Reading Skills Kit B is for children who know their basic sounds and understand what reading is. This set introduces long vowel spellings and more, also offering practice for the 59 SnapWords List B.

Reading Skills Kit C takes it further with more complex sound spellings and phonic concepts, as well as giving practice for SnapWords List C. 

Reading Skills Kit D is the most advanced in terms of reading skills, suffixes included, vocabulary, and this set offers reading practice for all the words in SnapWords List D. 

Contact us if you have questions about the best resources to use with your child.

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