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Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Dot Cards


In order for children to not struggle with trying to memorize math facts, help them gain a clear visual image for each number before starting computation. Number symbols mean nothing to most children, but seeing dot patterns show them what the number symbols represent.

Full color & two-sided lamination for extra durability. Cards are 4.25" x 2.75".

First, play the dot games that will teach children visually how many each number is. When children can glance at an arrangement of dots and just know instantly how many dots there are, they understand what each number symbol really means.    

Next, when dots are arranged in ways that show (don’t tell) combinations of numbers, children will gain a visual background for adding and subtracting. For instance, if you have a dot pattern with two dots near each other and three a little over from the first two, the children will see that 2 dots and 3 dots are 5 dots. Later when they see “2 + 3 =” their visual memory will recall the arrangement of colorful dots they played with earlier. So when they come to formal computation, what they will do is actually visualize the answer rather than memorizing or counting on fingers. These games are designed to be used with Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction. They are color-coded and provide a fun, memorable way to learn math facts. Directions on how to use the cards are included in the pack.  

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