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SnapWords® A App Lite


Give the A App a whirl, trying the first level to see the results for your child!

This first app makes learning all-important sight words a breeze.

Noah will lead your child through the process of:

• learning SnapWords™ high-frequency words from SnapWords® List A

• playing games that reinforce learning, that provide a fun review

• earning coins to spend in the store

• purchasing stickers to place on the scene

• taking the quiz by selecting correct answers from a group of words

The app will track his or her progress. When the child successfully passes the quiz, the next level is unlocked! 

Five levels in all in the full version. This lite version includes Level 1 - At the Beach!

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SnapWords® apps make learning sight words fun for visual learners, beginners, or struggling learners. With apps for home and classroom use, this teaching resource will track the students’ progress through learning their high-frequency words.

The students will study the words with a sequence that shows the image word first. As the child is looking at the screen, the picture that the word is embedded in will gradually fade, leaving the plain word. This process helps access the child's visual memory which is a powerful way for learning. The value in the design of this app is that it accesses the child's visual memory rather than relying on memorization of sight words. Because memorization doesn't work for a large number of children, we bypass memorization and use the brain's ability to "snap" pictures of words embedded in images.

Next, for review and practice, the children will play games. In the process of playing games, children will earn coins which they can use to purchase stickers to use to decorate a scene,

Finally, the child will take a quiz; when he or she successfully passes the quiz, the next level is unlocked!

Sample stickers & words from Level 3:


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