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SnapWords® B App


SnapWords B App: more success with sight words

SnapWords® List B is the focus of this 5-Level App. SnapWords® B App picks up where SnapWords® A left off with words like MUST, SHOW, STILL, THAN, THEN, WHAT and other words you just can’t illustrate using a picture! But SnapWords® can! Pictures show the meaning of those abstract words and the little story the picture shows helps children not only learn to recognize sight words but make them focus on what the word means.

Like the other Apps, SnapWords® B walks children through learning the words using a slide show of words in pictures with a voice telling them what the word says. Next they will see the plain word and the word inside a sentence. This process will help children quickly transition between the word in a picture and the plain word they will find in books. The games provided will help children practice recognizing the sight words more and more quickly before they move on to take the quiz. Upon completion of the quiz, the next level of the App will automatically unlock amid wild cheering and congratulations.

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SnapWords® B App | Child1st Publications

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