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SnapWords® C App


SnapWords C App: by now they are rocking their sight words!

SnapWords® C brings the 59 words of SnapWords® List C to life! In this 5-Level App, we have words like MORE, MUCH, DOES, BETTER, OWN, SOME, THOSE, and other words you just can’t picture in your head.  SnapWords® can make pictures for your children! The word in a picture helps children not only learn to read sight words instantly but make them focus on comprehension.

Like the other Apps, SnapWords® C teaches children the words using a slide show of words embedded in pictures with a voice over reading the word. Next screen shows them the plain word and the word inside a sentence. This process will help children quickly move away from the image, which is now stored in their brains, to the plain word they will find in books. The sight words games included will help children practice reading their sight words in a way that will not feel like work! Because there are several games, children can select the ones they like best. The quiz can be taken more than once if needed. It would be great to set the goal of 100% accuracy before moving on to the next level!

Five levels in all!

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SnapWords® apps make learning sight words fun for visual learners, beginners, or struggling learners. With apps for home and classroom use, this teaching resource will track the students’ progress through learning their high-frequency words.

 Sample Stickers & Words from Level 3 | SnapWords® C App | Child1st Publications

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