SnapWords® List A Interactive Slideshow

SnapWords® List A Interactive Slideshow

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SnapWords® List A is a very special group of words! Many of the words are very small, and they are words you just can't make a picture of in your mind. They are sprinkled heavily inside everything we read! For example, "an, are, as, but, can, did, do, for, has, here, if, in, is, it, like, me, my, now, or, said, see, so, the, we, & will". These words appear so often that they are the glue that holds sentences together. Children will have an advantage if they can recognize these words on sight! 

SnapWords® List A Interactive Slideshow with audio is actually 5 slideshows designed for:




  • Distance learning
  • Homeschooling
  • Classroom instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Independent student learning

What you will receive

You'll receive an email immediately with your files!  Our slideshows come in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint formats for easy access to teach your classroom!

NOTE: Interactive Slideshows are web-based files that cannot be saved to your computer nor printed. Sales are final. Products may not be returned nor exchanged. Our digital files are for one user. You may screen share with students, but purchaser may not give the file to others.

You will receive a PDF with a link to your file and your password. The digital file opens in a browser window. You may bookmark the page and have your browser save your password for easy access!

More Information:

Sight words are words that children need to recognize instantly. Instant sight word recognition is critical because it results in reading fluency. SnapWords® List A contains many abstract high frequency words that are nearly impossible for your child to make a mental picture of. Fortunately, SnapWords® provide the pictures!

How to use:

  • Distance learning - teach using a screen share
  • Homeschool - use on computer or iPad
  • Classroom - project onto a whiteboard or smart board
  • Small group - laptop or computer
  • Independent student learning


  • You may teach the picture words first by clicking on the orange arrows in the bottom, right of each screen. You will be able to advance from picture to picture.
  • Next, check word recognition by clicking through the plain words using the same orange arrows. You will be able to advance from plain word to plain word.
  • Use the index on the front panel to find a particular word to focus on.
  • Use SnapWords Mini-Lessons (included) to teach spelling, phonics, writing, etc.

How to use

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