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SnapWords® List D Pocket Chart Cards
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SnapWords® List D Pocket Chart Cards

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SnapWords® List D includes 55 high-frequency words. This list contains words with more difficult sound spellings such as IGH, and the OULD words: could, should, would. Each card is 4.25” by 2.75”, perfectly sized for making phrases and sentences in pocket charts. This means you can create an independent center in which small groups of students may create sentences or unscramble ones you create ahead of time. When teaching individual students, this hands-on activity engages all types of learners, including kinesthetic and visual learners.


SnapWords are available in two formats:

  • Physical refers to a hard copy we mail to you. 
  • Interactive Slideshows are digital slideshows with audio that that open in a browser window. They are not printable. Single user.
    ** Digital purchases are final. They may not be returned nor exchanged.

Also Included

This product also includes free downloads of corresponding sections of SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and of Sight Words in SentencesThis offer is for online orders only.

Use Beyond Sight Words Activities D with this set of words. Over 200 pages of activities to print and use. 

How to Use Pocket Chart Cards

Use the SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards

✔  in centers for learning

✔  for partner practice

✔  sentence building in pocket charts

✔  independent practice

The number of ways to use these smaller SnapWords® is only limited by your imagination and your students’ needs. Also effective in pocket charts for sentence-building, sentence or phrase unscramble, or review (students turn the cards to the reverse side as they learn the words through the visuals on the fronts). For children who need to understand the function of words before they can focus on learning phonics rules, these cards provide the answer.

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