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One of the most effective ways to help struggling readers launch into reading is by teaching them to listen to the sounds in words, and then teaching them how to spell those sounds. Children will stop struggling to sound out unknown words and will instead be able to quickly analyze new words. 

With Sound Spelling Teaching Cards, you will be equipped to effectively teach 154 sound spellings, word structure, spelling, and to enhance reading comprehension. Sound Spelling Teaching Cards include all sound spellings that are not a basic sound. Any time a letter represents a different sound or is combined with other letters to make a new sound together, there is a card. There are also multiple cards for each sound. For example, Long O has 8 cards representing the 8 different ways to spell Long O.

Sound Spelling Teaching Cards come in their own specially made box for easy storage. The box also has a Quick Start Guide printed on the back with directions on where to start when you receive your cards!

Whats in the box?

154 Sound Spelling Cards, Including:
-Short Vowels
-Long Vowels
- Diphthongs
-Short & Long OO
- R-Controlled Spellings
- /ZH/, /NG/, /NGK/, /F/, /G/, /H/, /J/, /K/, /L/, /M/, /N/, /KW/, /R/, /S/, /T/, /Z/
- Dividing Tabs and Directions

How it Works

- You teach sounds and their spellings
- Child encounters a new word
- Uses known words to analyze it

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