Kinesthetic Reading Kit


What does it do?

The Kinesthetic Reading Kit propels active kids into reading by targeting their learning strengths and bypassing their learning weaknesses. This Kit is for one child or a small group rather than a whole classroom. If you have an active learner or two that can’t focus on long, detailed lessons, use this Kit to jump-start their reading. Children with ADD need to start with whole words easily assimilated before they can break those words into their spellings with any success. This Kit will help!

Who is it for?

Children who:

  1. Are very active
  2. Have trouble focusing
  3. Find it hard to sit still
  4. Are easily distracted
  5. Lose interest quickly
  6. Don’t learn by listening
  7. Have trouble learning steps and rules

What makes it different?

Very active children learn most easily when we use resources that target their learning strengths while capturing their attention and focus. The Kinesthetic Reading Kit relies heavily on images which can be “snapped” instantly and stored in visual memory and on body motions and hands-on activities that keep the kinesthetic learner actively engaged in learning.

How does it work?

  1. We get kids reading very quickly by teaching whole words embedded in images
  2. Related body motions help keep kids engaged, focused, and help with recall.
  3. The words comprise about 90% of the words they need to be able to read.
  4. Kinesthetic kids experience success and this fuels them to keep learning
  5. As kinesthetic kids learn words, we break them apart in order to teach essential reading skills using visual & kinesthetic strategies:
    • Phonics concepts & sound spellings
    • Spelling and writing
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Comprehension & fluency
    • Writing and more

What’s in the kit?


Teach whole words to provide early success with reading and reading fluency. This Kit contains 342 SnapWords® with K-3 skill levels.

The front of SnapWords® contain an image that grabs attention, shows what the word means, and stores the word in the visual memory - all in a glance!

The back of SnapWords® show the plain word, a body motion to teach using movement, and a sentence using the word to enhance comprehension

Beyond Sight Words Activities

 Complete the process of learning to read with 1259 printable, hands-on activities on 25 levels of difficulty! As children learn SnapWords®, we break the words down and teach essential reading skills including:

  • comprehension
  • spelling
  • writing
  • phonics
  • phonemic awareness
  • alphabetic principle
  • reading fluency 
Teaching Books

How to Teach SnapWords®, a book full of sight word activities and games that will help you successfully teach children to instantly recognize their SnapWords®.

Sight Words in Sentences will provide reading practice with sight words in plain sentences. A great assessment tool as well! There are 40 sentences of highly-targeted language for each List of SnapWords®. Each List is colored coded that makes it easy for children to find where they should be in the book.

For over a decade, SnapWords® have proved effective as breaking the cycle of failure and launching kids into reading! With this kit, you will empower kinesthetic kids and restore their belief that they can learn

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