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Phonics Isn't the Problem, its How We Teach it!

The Tide is Shifting Back to a Phonics Based System of Teaching Reading The definition of phonics is the study of the relationship between oral sounds and their representation on paper using symbols. Or more simply put, phonics is the study of the written form of the sounds we hear in words. (National Literacy Trust) The emphasis on phonics has fallen in and out of favor over the decades. The reason for this is that with or without a phonics emphasis, 65% +/- of children continue to fail to achieve reading mastery. When phonics falls out of favor, it is scrapped by decision-makers who believe the fault lies in teaching phonics. Phonics, YES? Or Phonics, NO? Phonics is content; a...

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How to Teach Essential Reading Skills using SnapWords® Classroom Kit

The SnapWords® Classroom Kit will be your best, most hard-working set of tools to use to give your students comprehensive reading skills that go way beyond just calling out sight words. Here is what you do: Download Beyond Sight Words Activities   Then stack the 6 packs of SnapWords®: A, B, C, D, E, Numbers & Colors   Next locate SnapWords® Mini-Lessons  Finally, stack the three copies of Sight Words in Sentences Get Started The Beyond Sight Words Activities Download will guide you through exactly what to do. This resource has hundreds of activities laid out for you in 25 levels of difficulty. If you are beginning with your whole class, the simplest thing to do would be to start with the first...

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