Struggling Learners

When One Approach Falls Short, Try Something New!

If at first you don't succeed, don't just try, try again! Several years ago, we had Spanish-speaking friends visiting in our home. While we chatted, my husband, who doesn’t speak Spanish, started making friends with their six-year-old son, Jaime. Jaime spoke to my husband, waited expectantly for a second, then leaned into my husband’s other ear and shouted quite loudly, not realizing that what he was facing was a language barrier, not a hearing impairment. I’ve recalled that moment so often throughout the years. Each time a child is re-taught a concept when he didn’t get it the first time, I think of Jaime shouting in my husband’s other ear thinking that this time, with a new ear and louder...

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Help! My Child is Struggling with Math

If your child is a kinesthetic learner who struggles with math, it is very likely that there is a mismatch between the child’s learning strengths and the approach being used to teach math. When this is the case, it is actually great news because the teaching approach can be changed.

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