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4 Games to Transition from SnapWords® to Plain Words

by Sarah K Major February 04, 2016

4 Games to Transition from SnapWords® to Plain Words

Children with a variety of learning styles or learning needs will benefit from having support as they make the transition from SnapWords® to plain text. The more fun the activity is, the more engaged the child will be in the art of learning to read. Here is a great kit to use when teaching sight words (or high-frequency words) in a way that is easy for children to learn and remember:

While reading a book:

Before reading each Easy-for-Me™ Book, review just the sight words that are found in the book. (See the lesson in each story for list of words required.)

Prepare the child for reading a title by arranging the sight word cards by his book and letting him know they are there to refer to if he needs them.

During reading, if the child hesitates over a sight word, wait a few seconds, then just point to the appropriate word card. Let the child tell you when he is ready to turn the sight word cards over to the plain sides, and then when he's ready to do away with the sight word cards altogether.


1. FLASH N' MATCH: You or the child can write five or six sight words on index cards, one word per card. When you flash a Stylized Sight Word, the child will find the plain word printed on the index card that matches the word you displayed. If he chooses quickly and correctly, he keeps the word and moves on to another word.

2. MAKING PAIRS: Give the child the cards from "Flash n' Match" which you have shuffled, and ask him to quickly match up the SnapWords® to their matching plain words. Make a game out of how quickly he is able to do this. If he hesitates over a match, discover clues together that would link the words, such as initial sound, shape of the word with its tall and short letters, etc.

3. SIGHT WORD RUN: Give the child the Stylized SnapWords®, and lay the plain word cards in a line on the ground. The child will stand a few feet away from the line of plain cards, will then choose one SnapWords® card from his hand and when you say "GO!" the child will move quickly to select the matching plain card. He will then run back to his position and wait for your next "GO."

4. SIGHT WORD TOSS: Write the plain words on both sides of the index cards. Give the child the SnapWords® cards. When the child is ready, fling the index cards in the air and let them "rain" down to the floor. As soon as the cards hit the floor, the child will rush to find matches for the SnapWords® he is holding in his hand.

Sarah K Major
Sarah K Major


Sarah's absolute belief in every child’s ability to learn, and her passion to empower the child by supporting his/her own unique giftedness have fueled her life’s work and provided a new pathway for children to succeed academically.