Teach Letters and Sounds so Kids Will Remember

Knowing letters and their sounds is fundamental to learning to read. If your kindergartner is having trouble learning letters and sounds, please don’t wait. The best time to intervene is the moment you notice a bit of trouble with learning letter sounds because this can signal a potential struggle with learning to read. 

The easiest way to help your child with learning letter sounds is to read Alphabet Tales together. Alphabet Tales are warm and funny stories that show unforgettably how each letter came to be formed the way they did and why they sound like they do. Preventing struggles with learning letters and sounds is as easy as reading stories together. 

Why This Alphabet?

 ✔ Each letter in the alphabet is designed to match its shape - the F is a FLAG, M for Mountain for example - which provides a visual hook for remembering

 ✔ Rather than having an associated image (such as "A for Apple"), each letter IS the object

 ✔ The story links each letter with its sound - one of the most fundamental and necessary skills needed for learning to read!

  Teach vowels to your visual, kinesthetic or tactile learner