What are SnapWords®?

THE PREMISE: The SnapWords® System integrates word recognition, phonics, and essential reading skills instruction. Using this System, children will instantly recognize 90% of the words they read, and the phonics concepts they gain will empower them to decode new, unknown words. 

THE NEEDS: SnapWords® were designed in response to three fundamental needs.

  1. The need to avoid tediously sounding out all words. Many children think reading IS sounding out words because that is what they they are taught to do. Decoding words is laborious and mechanical, and for many, does not lead to reading fluency nor to comprehension. SnapWords® prevent the endless sounding-out loop.
  2. The need of children everywhere for multiple pathways to the brain:  Just like adults, children learn in differing ways. For visual learners, a picture is critical. For kinesthetic learners, a body motion makes learning possible. SnapWords® target all three modalities, which are like vehicles that successfully transfer concepts into the brain. Learning is easiest when the "vehicle" closely matches the child’s natural learning strength. SnapWords® addresses this need by design.
  3. The need of approximately 40% of children who learn whole to part. These children need to see “the whole and the goal” from the beginning. They do best when they can start with the whole word and then learn its parts. SnapWords® answers this need by design, allowing you to reach all your students at once.

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"I want you guys to know your snapwords program has changed my little boy's world!! He is dyslexic and suffers from apraxia. He has had such a hard time learning his sight words for kindergarten. I found these late one night when I could not sleep worrying about my son. I took a chance and ordered the first set of sight words. After the first couple of weeks my husband and I were blown away at how much he progressed. I was worried he would not be able to identify the word without the picture but he can. I would flip the card over so it was just the word and he still was able to retain it!! My son self confidence has went through the roof. He loves to show family now how well he can read his sight words. My son has been in speech therapy for years and his pathologist is amazed at his improvement with these cards. Thank you for snapwords!" - Jennie Weaver


"My 5-year-old daughter has motor skill delaysvisual processing issues and was diagnosed with ADHD all during her kindergarten year. She struggled to learn everything and most of it didn't stick. Her teacher met with me at the end of the third grading period and said based on her most recent evaluation, it would probably be best to retain her. While reading and researching any way I could to help her I came across your website. I worked with my daughter constantly over spring break using SNAPWORDS. By the end of spring break, she not only knew the 25 words she was required to know for kindergarten but an additional 35!!!! I then purchased your addition and subtraction workbook to see how much I could improve her math skills. Again, wonderful progress. Her teacher just completed 4th quarter midterm testing. She called me personally to tell me that my daughter has made such amazing progress, she feels confident passing her and allowing her to move forward to first grade!! I couldn't be more satisfied with your product and I'm telling everyone about it; family, friends, her occupational therapist, teacher, other parents, groups on Facebook...EVERYONE. I can't thank you enough!

Thank you,
Danielle, Madelynn's mom"

Use SnapWords® and see the difference right away!