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Integrate sight word acquisition with essential components of reading, phonics, and spelling.

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Multi-sensory reading resources are an effective road to reading for new or struggling learners.

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Right-brained resources for those who struggle to memorize and utilize spelling and phonics rules.

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  • My son was officially diagnosed [with dyslexia] this summer. His Kindergarten teacher ordered several of your products and started working with him as soon as school started back in August. Last week, he read one of your books all on his own and it was his first time ever seeing the book. He knew all of the words. I was so proud. Your program is amazing!

    Purchased: Reading Resources

  • Seriously wish I had ordered this [math book] years ago.  Well worth every penny! Used it as a refresher for my 7th grader, and to help my 4th grader who was having trouble remembering facts for longer than a week. She now understands multiplication, and since division is taught at the same time, she no longer cries at the thought of it!

    Purchased: Right-Brained Multiplication & Division

  • "Sammy" was the student who led me to discover Snapwords. Despite numerous approaches to teaching him high frequency words, he was still not able to recall the words at the next session or sometimes even during the session. The Snapwords cards made learning and retaining high frequency words effortless. Since discovering the wonderfully effective and fun method of Snapwords, every student who previously struggled learning high frequency words is now successfully learning and retaining these words. 

    Martha, Special Education Teacher
    Purchased: SnapWords®

  • Love!!! I'm a Kindergarten teacher and these [SnapWords] cards are terrific for my struggling readers and English Learners. The picture cue really helps students attach meaning to the sight word and improves recall and long term retention. Struggling students are able to learn words twice as fast by using the scaffolded side (picture side) first and then moving to the plain side. I was so pleased that I purchased sets A, B, and C. These three sets include most of the 100 words that my students have to learn by the end of Kindergarten. Highly recommend!

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Purchased: SnapWords® List A Sight Word Cards

  • These [Children's Readers] are great! I tutor a bright six-year-old with severe ADHD and some Auditory Processing Problems. We go over and over the sounds and he is always surprised when we make these little books and he finds out that he can read!! I wish you could see his face!

    Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers, Set A

  • Great for your elementary-aged visual learner! Good teaching aids for visual learners are hard to find, yet this workbook definitely fits the bill. Your child will remember each number by a variety of methods -- recognizing patterns, touch points, kinesthetic with shapes, games, stories, visually imprinting, and finally symbolic. These methods then translate into addition and subtraction, in a very unique way by building houses, streets, and neighborhoods. I also highly recommend the following workbook, Right-Brained Multiplication & Division.

    Purchased: Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction

  • I have now bought the alphabet cards, the alphamats, numbers 1-10, snap word cards, and level A readers and I'll soon be buying the 1-20 poster. My kindergarteners benefit immensely from these resources. I started using these alphabet cards and on the second day I had a student ask me to sit and write with him - a student who had previously been brought to tears by writing because he just couldn't figure out the letters in front of him. I am so relieved to have these as a resource. I can't thank you enough!

    Purchased: Alphabet Learning Resources