Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit, Grades K-1


The Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit, Grades K-1 contains everything you need to teach a child to read. The Easy-for-Me™ Program is especially effective at closing gaps in understanding for children who have missed out on some basic skills and are not progressing as they should.

Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit, Grades K-1 is also perfect for beginners, and if used as outlined, will prevent learning difficulties for many children who would otherwise struggle in learning to read. The Easy-for-Me™ approach to teaching reading is very effective for children who have not been able to learn to read using traditional methods.

Grade Levels K-1.

Not sure which kit to start with? Download our quick and easy pre-test to see which kit is best suited to your child's needs.

What is included?

• Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Manual
• CD of resources to print
• Alphabet Tales
• Alphabet Teaching Cards
• SnapWords® List A Teaching Cards and SnapWords® Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, Seasons Teaching Cards (118 words in all)
• Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set A (22 titles)
How to Teach SnapWords® (free book)

Learn More about the Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1 

The Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1 contains everything you need to teach a child to read and is for Kindergarten and 1st grade. Easy-for-Me™ is especially effective at closing gaps in understanding for children who have missed out on some basic skills and are not progressing as they could be.

Who is it for?

Beginning readers, struggling readers, and older non-readers will thrive with a right-brain, multisensory approach to teaching reading. 

Reading Essentials

Easy-for-Me™ Reading teaches the five essential components of reading in a way kids can learn

Easy-for-Me focuses on phonemic awareness

Because words are made of sounds instead of letter names, that is how we teach reading. Children learn their sounds and then have a chance for extensive auditory practice in every lesson.

Easy-for-Me teaches explicit phonics

Explicit, in-depth phonics instruction taught visually and kinesthetically forms the backbone of Easy-for-Me Reading. Instead of teaching letter sequences, the program focuses on sound spellings so that every letter in a word is accounted for and children learn the building blocks of words.

Easy-for-Me teaches vocabulary

Learning vocabulary is key. Starting in Lesson 1, children learn not only their first sound, but also their first sight word. They go on to learn 118 high-frequency words along with many words that are related by sound spelling.

Easy-for-Me teaches reading fluency

From the very beginning of the curriculum, fluency is a critical goal. Children are taught to scan text looking for sound spelling patterns they have learned, but they also are learning many words on sight, learning to use pictures to cue their reading, and echo-reading with their teacher as they learn phrasing and expression.

Easy-for-Me teaches reading comprehension

Among the many resources provided for the teacher, comprehension activities abound. Included are activities for word/picture match, initial sound/picture match, sentence/picture match, story sequencing activities, etc. Children practice visualizing in every lesson to help strengthen visual memory.

Easy-for-Me teaches writing

We have added a 6th skill to the “5 Essential Reading Skills” because writing is the other side of the coin from reading. What goes into the mind needs to come out through the hand in the form of writing. What the child learns is reinforced and deepened in this way, and the learning cycle is complete.

By Design

Both students and teachers say "this is easy for me!" because we include many right-brained helps for teaching concepts that children often struggle to remember. We include tactile and kinesthetic elements in every lesson, utilize story to explain concepts, and provide hooks for remembering.

Focus of Easy-for-Me™

Easy-for-Me™ focuses on skills acquisition.

Easy-for-Me is designed specifically to close common gaps in learning to read. Rather than expecting any child to intuit or guess, every skill is taught specifically so no child is left behind.

There is a skills tracking form for each of the three sections in the Teaching Manual. These serve as easy-to-use records on each child, which will show at a glance exactly how each child is doing. What I love about the skill tracking form is that the focus turns away from just getting through the lesson, and towards bringing EVERY child into success.

Pick up your Easy-For-Me Teaching Kit 1 today and allow your student to say “This is easy for me!”

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