Sound Spelling Display Cards


Does your child struggle with spelling and phonics rules?
If your child is struggling with spelling, phonics rules, and is basically confused about the how words are constructed in our language, Sound Spelling Display Cards will help. This teaching resource provides a framework for understanding the words in our language, and conveys them to the child in the form of right brained hooks for learning and remembering, including a list of all the ways that sound is spelled, a sentence that contains all the sound spellings for each sound, and a colorful image that illustrates the sentence.

Sound Spelling Display Cards are the perfect accompaniment to The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns and Sounds Spelling Teaching Cards. Each card teaches one sound with all its spelling patterns and includes a colorful illustration and a sentence using words with all the spelling patterns. All the sounds in the English language are taught except for those with no alternate spelling. (Y, W, V, P, B, D are all sounds represented by only the letter itself or the letter doubled. Ex: The sound of B is only ever represented by B or BB.) 

The set includes 35 8.5 x 11” full-color cards.

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