SnapWords® At School

SnapWords® At School

You have a classroom full of students who need to learn sight words, but they are not all at the same level.
You need something effective that will support you as you offer differentiated instruction to all the learners in your room.
SnapWords® will do this for you!
SnapWords® are the most efficient and effective way to teach all your students without holding anyone back,
nor leaving anyone behind.

The SnapWords® Difference

Sight words embedded in images accompanied by a body motion make it possible for all your learners to be successful. Gone is the need for drill and memorization. After introducing each word using SnapWords® Teaching Cards, turn the students loose to practice on their own or with a partner using the smaller child-sized cards: SnapWords® Pocket Chart Cards.

Start With Teaching Cards

For Grades K-1:

This kit is perfect for children who are starting to read. It includes 342 words that appear most frequently in books they read.

For Grade 2 and up:

This extensive kit of 643 essential words includes those words children will read in subjects such as social studies and science.

Establish an Independent Sight Word Center

For Grades K-1

The SnapWords® Essentials Kit pairs seamlessly with the SnapWords® 306 Student Kit. Pairs of students will easily identify the level of words they are on and will study together using child-sized Cards  that are laminated and ringed.

For Grade 2 and up

The SnapWords® Entire Collection pairs with the SnapWords® 607 Student Kit. This Kit will support you as you teach children who have fallen behind and will also facilitate teaching those children who are zooming ahead.