Visual Learners

The term Visual Learner is frequently misunderstood, even though 33% of children are visual learners and another 30% prefer to learn visually. Because, coincidentally, visual learners fill special education classrooms, it is critical that we understand these children and learn how to help them be successful.

What is hard for them and why they struggle

Visual learners don’t learn new material by listening to someone talk. They find it nearly impossible to memorize rules, procedures, or definitions. Just remembering sequences of steps, such as listening to and carrying out a series of directions, is daunting to them. Visual learners are not auditory or verbal, so when they become stressed, their words might nearly disappear, leaving the impression they just are not very smart. Visual learners are not as good at explaining verbally as they are at showing you – making, modeling, or drawing what they know.

How we can help

Child1st came to be primarily to help visual learners – to provide resources that are designed in ways that give visual learners the chance to learn from their strengths. Because visual learners make up such a large percentage of children in our schools, and because so often they are the ones who end up struggling most, helping them became our mission. All our resources are designed with them in mind and are structured to give adults who teach them the ability to pick up the resources and just begin to teach without prior training or preparation. Just follow the directions that accompany each resource.


Children will rely on pictures and body motions to quickly learn letters and their sounds.

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SnapWords® Lists

SnapWords® help visual learners learn words in a glance.

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SnapWords® Kits

SnapWords® Kits provide an extensive sight word vocabulary and supporting resources.

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Beyond Sight Words Activities

Hands on activities and games that teach reading while your child is learning SnapWords®.

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Phonics and Spelling

Reach for phonics and spelling resources that help visual learners thrive.

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Jump-start your visual learner in reading.

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Reading Programs

Find a full reading program for grades K-3 that was designed for the visual learner.

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Children’s Readers

Provide reading practice as your child learns SnapWords®.

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Resources that are colorful and engaging teach math in ways that help visual learners learn.

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