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Nov 08, 2017

Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit

The Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit is our response to the traditional way of teaching young children the alphabet.  With our colorful illustrations, engaging stories, and tactile activities, children will learn effortlessly while doing all the things they enjoy.

The Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit was created for parents and includes 3 of our amazing alphabet resources.

Alphabet Tales

 Alphabet Tales

The first resource is Alphabet Tales which is the backbone of the kit. Alphabet Tales contains stories and colorful images perfect for engaging children.

Best of all…the stories and their illustrations will make your child learn and remember both the letters and their sounds.

Sarah has matched each letter with an image that directly mirrors the letter. The image is the shape of the letter so that the child can see the letter in the shape of the image.


Alphabet Tales

Examples of this are:

M is mountains: as you can see the mountains are the shape of an M and your child will be able to see the outline of the M in the mountains.

C is a cave: the cave entrance is the shape of a C. The clear visual connection is what allows your child to capture the shape of the C, and we know that visual learning is instant learning.

Right-Brained Parent Alphabet Kit

Other alphabets also use images, but their images don’t match the shapes of the letters. For example, some alphabets use CAT for C, bending the cat into the shape of a C. They might use Alligator for A, again, bending the animal into a circle.

However, if you ask your child to visualize a cat, it’s very likely they will picture a cat sitting, lying down, or crouching, none of them resemble the shape of a C. Therefore, is hard for your child to make that visual connection between a C and a cat.

When a child visualizes an alligator, it will probably not be in the shape of a lowercase A.

Alphabet Tales is not just a teaching book; children enjoy the stories and getting to know the residents of Alphabury Wood, lovable characters your family will never forget! This book is perfect for family time, bedtime, or reading just for fun! 


Alphabet Teaching Cards

 Alphabet Teaching Cards

The second resource is Alphabet Teaching Cards. Use Alphabet Teaching Cards for close-up review of the letter shapes and sounds together. Images are instantly snapped in children's memories, tying letter and sound together, thus avoiding future problems connecting the two.

Mini-lessons are printed on the back of each card, making it a cinch for the teacher to present new letters and sounds, teach tips for letter formation, know in which order to teach the writing of the letters, and much more. No lesson planning needed!

Now that your students have learned the letters with Alphabet Tales and the Alphabet Teaching Cards they need to practice writing them. That brings us to the final resource in the kit - Alphamats!




Included in the Kit are two individual Alphamats. The front of the Alphamat contains all the letter images in alphabetical order, which makes a handy reference for children.

The back of the Alphamat is made of dry erase material to provide endless practice in writing the letters. This reverse side shows upper and lowercase letters and provides lined spaces for the children to practice writing using a wipe-off writing tool.

Because knowledge of letters and their sounds is fundamental to reading, we want to make learning this material as kid-friendly as possible! 

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