Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the copyright to Child1st Products, and what protections are in place?

Child1st Products, including the Original Product and all its copies, reproductions, and derivative works, are copyrighted and protected works belonging to Child1st Publications, LLC (Licensor). All rights, except for the limited use rights granted in the Agreement, are specifically reserved by the Licensor. This protection extends to comply with the laws of the United States, international laws, treaties, conventions, and other applicable regulations. 

Who are considered authorized end users or Permitted Users?

Authorized end users, referred to as Permitted Users, are individuals who have purchased Child1st Products. This designation grants them permission to access and utilize the resources, following the terms of the License. 

What rights does the Limited Use License grant to Permitted Users?

The Limited Use License is a gracious offering from Child1st Publications. Each Permitted User receives a limited, non-exclusive license. This license allows users to download, save, install, and utilize one copy of the purchased Child1st Products. Additionally, an Archival Copy may be created for safekeeping and reference. 

Are Permitted Users allowed to share Child1st Products with others?

Child1st Products are intended for personal use by Permitted Users. Sharing with additional users beyond private homeschooling study or use in a single classroom is not permitted under the Limited Use License. Individuals who wish to access the resources should acquire their own key by becoming a Permitted User. 

Can copies of Child1st Products be provided to parents of Permitted Users' students?

The Limited Use License restricts the provision of copies to parents of students. Child1st Products are intended for use by the Permitted User in the context of their teaching environment, ensuring a controlled and purposeful distribution. 

Are there exceptions for sharing in certain educational settings?

Child1st Products are intended for use in the Permitted User's home, homeschool, or a single classroom setting. Please contact us if you have further questions (Insert hyperlink with Any use in a group educational setting outside these environments requires advance written consent from the Licensor.  

Can I see the full copyright?

You can view the Child1st copyright here.